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County Elected Officials

County Elected Officials: Get Involved

Iredell County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Darren E. Campbell

Iredell County, Board of Commissioners

Melissa Neader, Chairman

Bert Connolly, Vice Chairman

Brad Stroud

Gene Houpe

Scottie Brown

ISS: Board of Education

 Bill Howell, District 2— Chairman
Mike Kubiniec, District 5 - Vice-Chairman
Charles Kelly, District 6
Abby Trent, District 3

Anita Kurn, District 7
Dr. Doug Knight, District 4 
Brian Sloan, District 1

City of Statesville

Mayor Costi Kutteh

At Large - Kimberly Wasson

At Large - Steve Johnson

Ward One - David Jones

Ward Two - C.O. Johnson

Ward Three - Doris Allison

Ward Four - Amy Lawton

Ward Five - Joe Hudson

Ward Six - Frederick Foster

Town of Troutman

Mayor Teross Young, Jr

Paul Henkel 

Felina Harris

George Harris

Edward Nau

Jerry Oxsher

Town of Mooresville Board of Commissioners

Mayor Miles Atkins
Ward 1-Eddie Dingler
Ward 2-Thurman Houston
Ward 3-Tommy DeWeese
Ward 4-Lisa Qualls
At Large-Bobby Compton
At Large-Gary West

Town of Harmony

Mayor D. Lee Matney
Doug Galliher 
N. Sankey Gaither
Julia Clanton
Scotty Harris

Town of Love Valley

Mayor Dannie Johnston
Timothy Wayne Meadows
Ted Davis
Randy Ladd
Randy Lackey
Linda Chase

Town of Davidson

Mayor Rusty Knox
Jane Campbell
Tracy Mattison Brandon
Matt Dellinger
Autumn Rierson Michael
Ryan Fay

Clerk of Superior Court

Jim Mixson

District Attorney

Sarah Kirkman

Register of Deeds

Renee L. Holland

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